Playtime 3" (76mm) Cat Back Sports Exhaust System

Our exhausts are easy to install, and don’t require complicated ECU remapping or tuning on the dyno. Our systems are CNC mandrel bent, using 3 inch aluminised steel tubing, 10mm thick cut laser plates to ensure maximum durability, and maximum satisfaction with your upgrade!

Give your 4x4 a sweet upgrade with a new exhaust system. Manufactured & designed locally, our in house products will give your vehicle improved performance, better fuel economy, and a more desirable sound. Not only are they more durable as well, there's no need for retuning the ECU or a dyno run. They also give a better towing experience.

Designed to improve the performance of Nissan's 5.6L 8 cylinder petrol engine.

The exhaust system for the 5.6L Nissan Y62 Series 5 Patrol MY20 are available in these configurations:

  • Middle Muffler & Rear Muffler
  • Middle Hotdog & Rear Muffler
  • Mid Section Replacement Muffler
  • Mid Section Replacement Hotdog

Depends on selection.

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Brand Ignite

2 Year Warranty.

All of our products are fully backed by Australian manufacturer warranty. 

Each product we sell comes with automatic guarantees that cannot be excluded under Australian law.

Should the item you receive be faulty in any way, please contact us and we’ll make sure the correct process is followed so the issue can be addressed as quickly as possible for you.

Please call us for fitting instructions on 1300 12 13 12.


IGNITE Exhausts consists of mandrel bent piping to determine optimum performance, flow and sound out of your exhaust system. Mandrel bending involves a mandrel placed in the tube during bending which maintains the shape and diameter of the tube. It reduces the risks of restricted exhaust gases often found in cheaper bending methods like press bending.

Mandrel Bend


With over 50 years combined experience the Playtime team have spent countless hours on the design and testing of our 3 inch mandrel bent 4x4 exhaust systems. Proudly Australian made here in Sunbury, Victoria, we strive to offer an affordable product direct to the public.


IGNITE Exhausts pride themselves in offering an extensive number of exhaust options to suit every buyer.

High flow catalytic converter – Required for legal road use, designed to have less restriction compared to stock catalytic converters, high flow design has very little restriction on the exhaust.

No catalytic converter – For off-road use only, no restriction in the exhaust (complete straight through exhaust).

Pipe only – No mufflers (straight pipe) our loud option.

Resonator – Moderate sound option, the design of our stainless steel resonator helps reduce drone whilst still providing an aggressive exhaust note.

Muffler – Our quietest option, perfect for towing. The straight through design of our stainless steel mufflers insure no restriction to the exhaust whilst keeping the note minimal.

Diff pipe – No mufflers (straight pipe) our loudest option finishing before the vehicles differential.


Aluminised mild steel commonly used in exhaust systems for its strength and heat resistance is a great option for when choosing your exhaust. It can withstand exposure to corrosive elements without rusting easily thanks to its aluminium coating.

It’s a cost effective option compared to other similar materials making it a popular choice in various industries. If you’re looking for a heat resistant, durable, cost effective exhaust an aluminised mild steel exhaust is your option.


The premium when it comes to an exhaust system is a 409 grade stainless steel exhaust. Unlike other materials such as 304 stainless steel that is very susceptible to cracking, 409 grade is a very heat resistant and more versatile metal making it a great choice when looking for exhaust performance.

Other materials like 304 stainless steel stress under the constant heat transfer in an exhaust which most commonly results in the exhaust cracking. 304 stainless steel is a great option for show cars where you are after that great polished look but on everyday road use the failure rate is high.

For a durable, corrosion and heat resistant exhaust it’s no mystery why a 409 stainless steel is used on most factory produced vehicles making it the best option when it comes to a 4x4 exhaust.



IGNITE Exhausts have spared no time when it comes to the custom flanges & hangers used on their exhaust systems giving it the upper edge when it comes to the strength of the exhaust.

Our competitors most often use the typical steel-rod hanger bracket creating a vast weak spot over the bracket, which in some instances can cause a crack or failure in the exhaust.

The precise cut of our hangers ensure that the bracket fits perfectly and securely. This accuracy helps maintain the structural integrity of the exhaust system.


IGNITE Exhausts are designed and tested to follow the same layout as the factory exhaust. A priority of ours is to ensure the ease of bolting on our exhaust systems which utilise the factory rubber mounts.

Detailed fitting instructions available at the click of a button as well as a full fitting kit supplied makes the job a breeze. Nuts, bolts, clamps, gaskets etc all supplied in fitting kit.

Note: When fitting allow time to check over the exhaust making sure everything is aligned and then tighten all bolts and nuts from the front to back of the vehicle. If you have any fitting/alignment issues, please call us as soon as possible to avoid damaging the exhaust system.

2 year warranty


IGNITE Exhausts are backed by a 2 year warranty. Should the item you receive be faulty in any way, please contact us and we’ll make sure the correct process is followed so the issue can be addressed as quickly as possible for you.

***Disclaimer: Please consider aftermarket accessories such as long-range fuel tanks, upgraded suspension and larger spare tyres before ordering your exhaust. To confirm your vehicle is compatible contact us via message/email or on 1300 12 13 12.***

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