Playtime Ignite 3" (76mm) DPF and Turbo Back Sports Exhaust System

Give your 4x4 a sweet upgrade with a new exhaust system. Manufactured & designed locally, our in house products will give your vehicle improved performance, better fuel economy, and a more desirable sound. Not only are they more durable as well, there's no need for retuning the ECU or a dyno run. They also give a better towing experience.

Our exhausts are easy to install, and don’t require complicated ECU remapping or tuning on the dyno. Our systems are CNC mandrel bent, using 3 inch aluminised steel tubing, 10mm thick cut laser plates to ensure maximum durability, and maximum satisfaction with your upgrade!

Designed to improve the performance of the Ford Duratorq TDCi (P5AT) 5 cylinder diesel engine.

The DPF Back exhaust systems available for the 3.2L Turbo Diesel Ford PX/PX2/PX3 Ranger:

  • Diff Pipe Only
  • Resonator
  • Muffler
  • Pipe Only

Turbo Back (DPF Delete) exhaust system options:

  • Cat & Resonator
  • Cat & Pipe Only
  • No Cat & Hotdog
  • No Cat & Pipe Only


Note: An ECU Recalibration is required when deleting your DPF.

SKU dpfpxrangerignite
Brand Ignite
  1. Remove rear tail pipe and muffler assembly from the vehicle.  
  2. Remove centre connecting pipe from the vehicle.
  3. Using the factory DPF flange nuts fit the DPF pipe and tighten finger tight.
  4. Fit the connecting pipe to first DPF pipe with the integrated hanger mount aligning with the rubber hanger located on the side of the chassis, tighten finger tight with the supplied 3/8 UNC nuts.
  5. Fit the pipe only/resonator or muffler section to the connecting pipe and tighten finger tight with the supplied 3/8 UNC nuts. (Fit diff pipe section in the same format if that’s what you purchased and then continue with step 12)
  6. Fit the tailpipe to the pipe only/resonator or muffler section and tighten finger tight with the supplied 3/8 UNC nuts.
  7. Check over exhaust making sure everything is aligned and then tighten all bolts and nuts from the front to back of the vehicle.
  8. Enjoy your IGNITE exhaust!

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